Work Experience (3+ years)

Zensoft Technologies (India)

2020 January - Present

DevOps Engineer (AWS DevOps Engineer)

Help customers develop and build scalable, resilient, secure, and cost-effective solutions on Cloud. Develop solution architecture based on event-driven, microservices, serverless and cloud-native architectures, and implementation plans. Assess and recommend the best of breed technology solutions to address client needs. Document architecture proposal, and provide specifications to the development team.

Computech Solutions (IN)

2019 March - 2019 May

DevOps Engineer Internship

Managing version control tools like GIT, Creating EC2 machines,Creating AMI, EBS snapshots,Builds using Maven and Jenkins for multiple projects,deploying the artifacts in multiple QA and DEV environments and debugging.

F13 Technologies (IN)

2019 Jan - 2019 March

AWS Cloud Internship

Experienced in creating, configuring and maintaining Infrastructure on AWS Cloud services including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), EC2, RDS, S3, RDS , Route53, SNS, CloudFront, CloudWatch and IAM.Experience on AWS Code Deploy, Code Build, Code Pipeline. Deployed built code to Elastic Beanstalk. Implemented the Blue/Green deployment strategy in AWS Elastic Beanstalk in production.

Coding Club (IN)

2018 Jun - 2018 Sept

Campus Ambassador

Developing relationships with prospective students. Brainstorming ideas to drive awareness and increase start-up culture.Organising varied events like seminars and workshops to talk about Technical Stuff. Developing campus-specific outreach programmes and campaigns to increase participation. Addressing the queries of students. Collecting feedback from students and other focus groups to improve technical culture.



Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) from Amrutvahini College of Engineering Sangamner

completed with 78.52% (First Class).


AWS (3+ years)

  • EC2, VPC, ELB, ASG, Route53, WAF
  • Lambda,APIGateway,Beanstalk,MQ
  • EKS,ECS,Fargate,ECR,MediaServices*
  • S3,Glacier,EBS,EFS,FSx,ElastiCache
  • SQS,SNS,EventBridge,ASM,ACM
  • CloudFront,CloudWatch,CloudTrail

Azure (learning)

  • App Services,ASE,Functions,APIM
  • Storage(Blob,Queue,File),Disks,Redis
  • ServiceBus,KeyVaults,AppConfig
  • DNS, CDN, Monitor, App Insights

GCP* (learning)

  • Compute Engine, VPC, CLB
  • App Engine, Cloud Functions
  • GKE,GCR,CloudRun,ArtifactRegistry*
  • Memorystore, Cloud Storage, CDN
  • Pub/Sub,Cloud SQL,Secret Manager
  • Cloud DNS,Cloud Monitoring,Armor

DevOps* (3+ years)

  • Kubernetes,Helm,Docker,GitOps
  • Terraform,CloudFormation,ARM,IaC
  • Prometheus,Grafana,Loki,Istio
  • AzurePipeline,CodePipeline,Jenkins
  • Python,PowerShell,Bash/Shell
  • AWS/Azure/GCP (PaaS,IaaS,CaaS)

Willingness to learn Data Analytics.