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Yogeshwar Ghule

My Introduction Video

while (!sleep) {learn();}

Yogeshwar hold over three years of experience in setting up reliable, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure, and has a strong DevOps development and architecture background. His specialization lies in diversified Cloud and DevOps technologies. He has worked in various roles ranging from Individual Contributor, Technical & Cloud Architect, Consultant, and Dev Team Lead depending on the nature of the project.

He has a good understanding and experience of working on Agile development methods such as Scrum and Kanban.

He recognized for extensive analytical skills to solve business problems using a broad range of proven methodologies and techniques. Meeting deadlines and always exceeding expectations.

He contribute regularly to the open source community and strive to give back in whatever way he can. He try and write three blog post per month based on stuff He has learned on the job.

He enjoy writing high-quality code.

Personal Details

Yogeshwar Ghule
Date of birth:
24 January
Live in:
Maharashtra, India
Marital status:


There are many things I enjoy doing other than developing.
I like to do internet surfing. I also like:

  • Stock Trading
  • Listening Podcast
  • Watching movies

Tools of the trade

  • Macbook Notebook
  • Dell XPS
  • Sony Vaio-FW
  • Nikon D5600

My services

My services: I'm pretty good at…

Cloud Consulting

  1. Cloud Readiness Assessment
  2. Cloud Strategy Development
  3. Cloud Services Integration
  4. Cloud Data Analytics
  5. Data Storage
  6. Infrastructure Maintenance
  7. Cost Optimization
  8. Performance Optimization

Cloud Architecture Design

  1. Scalable Solutions
  2. Resilient Solutions
  3. Secure Solutions
  4. Cost-effective Solutions

Cloud Application Development

  1. Application Modernization
  2. Cloud-Native Development
  3. Containerization (Docker)
  4. Containers Orchestration (Kubernetes)
  5. Multi-Cloud Application Development
  6. Hybrid Application Development

Cloud Migration

  1. Cloud Migration Assessment
  2. Cloud Enablement
  3. Infrastructure Migration
  4. Services Migration
  5. Data Migration
  6. Application Re-engineering

Cloud Providers

Working on...

  1. AWS
  2. Azure
  3. GCP

Architecture Styles

  1. Microservices
  2. Event-driven
  3. Serverless
  4. Cloud-Native
  5. Modular Monolithic

Architecture Patterns

  1. Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  2. CQRS
  3. Pub/Sub
  4. Clean Architecture

Backend Technologies

  1. .NET
  2. Python
  3. Node.js

Database Technologies

  1. PostgreSQL
  2. SQL Server
  3. MySQL

Containerization and Orchestration

  1. Containerization (Docker)
  2. Containers Orchestration (Kubernetes)
  3. Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE
  4. Observability

Infrastructure Automation

  1. Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  2. Terraform
  3. AWS CloudFormation
  4. Azure ARM/Bicep

CI/CD Pipeline

  1. Continuous Integration
  2. Continuous Deployment/Delivery
  3. Continuous Testing
  4. Continuous Monitoring
  5. Static Code Analysis
  6. Jenkins, GitLab
  7. Azure Pipeline, AWS CodePipeline


  1. Kubernetes Deployment
  2. ArgoCD
  3. FluxCD

DevOps Consulting

  1. Cloud Deployment
  2. Governance and Management
  3. Cloud Monitoring and Reporting
  4. Cloud Billing

My service rates

  • 50-85 USD/hour
  • 40-70 GBP/hour
  • 50-85 Euro/hour
  • 4k-6.5k INR/hour

Depending on the type and duration of work, rates may vary.*

Questions addressed by Yogeshwar

Some of the most common questions addressed by Yogeshwar are as follows:
  • Help us move to the cloud.
  • Help us design distributed systems based on event-driven, microservices, serverless, and cloud-native architectures.
  • Help us build scalable, resilient, secure, and cost-effective solutions on AWS, Azure and Kubernetes.
  • Help us with application modernization and re-engineering.
  • Help us prepare solution proposals or high-level architectures.
  • Help us in cost optimization and reduce our cloud bills.
  • Can you help us automate our infrastructure on AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes?
  • Can you help us deploy our applications on Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)?
  • Can you help us set up an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solution to automatically manage and provision the technology stack for our application?
  • I'm a huge fan of understanding the concepts of how the technology works.
  • Cloud-native applications, Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code (with Terraform) are my favorite topics these days.
  • From my point of view, Docker and Kubernetes build the base for modern, robust, and distributed applications.
  • I love to share my knowledge about cloud and software architecture to inspire customers and individuals.
  • I am supporting development teams on their journey from legacy software systems to scalable cloud-native applications.
  • Document architecture proposal and have it validated. Provide specifications to the development team.
  • Analyzed and developed technical solutions and architectural approaches to complex business problems from Proof of Concept to development, testing, production implementation and support.
  • Deep systems architecture and engineering expertise in cloud and approaches to address their security considerations.
  • Successfully designed and delivered scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant and secure cloud solutions for many clients.
  • Design the solutions that match perfectly with an enterprise environment. Recommend the best practices for whole solution. Bridges the gap between business problems and technology solutions.
  • Successfully migrated complex, multi-tier applications to Cloud.
  • Ability to translate traditional IT infrastructures to global cloud deployments.
  • Select appropriate cloud services to design and deploy an application based on given requirements.
  • Implemented cost-control strategies.
  • Knowledge of hybrid public cloud design concepts.
  • Very good understanding of Cloud IaaS, PaaS and CaaS services.
  • Able to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical project stakeholders.
  • Implementing software development lifecycle procedures, ensure scalable and reusable architecture.
  • Resolved clients or sales concerns and revise proposals as needed.
  • Good knowledge of object-oriented programming and software design patterns.
  • Ability to code software according to published standards and design guidelines.
  • Good at communicating with client, explaining him the situation, and managing expectations.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent coding and digital development abilities.
  • Confidence to express ideas as part of a creative team.
  • Clear and genuine interest in technological trends.
  • Passionate approach to work with a desire to push boundaries.
  • Ability to explain technical jargon to peers and The ability to build a website from start to finish to the highest standard.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and think strategically.
Personal Attributes:
  • Quick and Self learner, Good grasping power
  • Co-operative, Adaptive nature, Enthusiastic
  • Self-confident, Positive attitude, Flexible
  • Decision-making and Problem-solving
  • Quality oriented, Teamwork eagerness
  • Ability to accept constructive feedback
  • Ability to plan, Analytical mind, Abstract and clear thinking
  • Strong work ethic, Hungry for growth, Pragmatic and Punctual
  • Deep and broad technical experience
  • Fearless refactoring, Willing to leverage existing Code
  • Good at Time and Task management
  • Independent functioning with minimal supervision
  • Willingness to learn (trending technologies)
  • Commitment to quality and a thorough approach to the work
  • Good at identifying project requirements and acting on the same
  • Proactiveness in suggesting the technical solution/changes which project demands

Random facts about me

  • I wanted to be a Stock Trader
    But I wasn't good enough for it
  • I love Podcast
    I usually listen to Naval Ravikant,Joe Rogan, Ranveer, Prakhar ke Pravachan, Shwetabh Gangwar...

Some of my favorite Podcast

  • Eminem Podcast
    Joe Rogan Experience #1309 - Naval Ravikant, Kunal Shah Of Indian Unicorn - CRED On Start-Ups & Productivity Hacks, Core Human Motivations | Kunal Shah | Knowledge Project 141.